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A picture may be better than a thousand words, but an example is even better. You may view this actual help file on line by clicking here. Since HELLLP!'s own help file contains demonstrations of special effects you might prefer to see a more typical help file by clicking here (to see the help file for PlanBee).
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HELLLP!™ Version 3.2

Nominated for Best Vertical Market Program or Utility for the 2000 Shareware Industry Awards

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Makes it easy to create fully functional Windows help files for use both with programs and as stand-alone documents. Version 3.2 will work with Microsoft Word Version 97 (Office 97), 2000 (Office 2000) and 2002 (Office XP).

Features of HELLLP!

User works entirely within Word (English or non-English versions). You never have to touch a context string, or an HPJ or RTF file (unless you want to).
Can generate topics from Word Heading Styles, or user can identify them by pointing.
Generates a table of contents automatically, for display in the main window, a secondary window or a PopUp with jumps from it already in place.
User adds additional jumps and PopUps by highlighting the text or graphic to jump from and pointing to the topic to jump to. Mid- topic jumps are supported.
Generates search keywords automatically (user can edit) in lower, upper, or mixed case.
Can generate browse sequences automatically.
Set hotspot colour for cultures where green is not suitable.
Add sound effects by playing WAV files.
Launch other processes from within Help File by clicking text or icons.
Generation and mapping of topic numbers for HELPCONTEXTID and other context-sensitive needs.
Expert users can supply a file of [sections] to be merged into HPJ file on each build.
Automatic generation of a "Glossary" topic if desired with an alphabet button box at the top and mid-topic jumps.
Generation of additional menus and menu items on the Winhelp menu bar. Even omission of the whole menu bar.
Customisable "copyright" line for WinHelp about box.
Creation of ".HH" files for C/C++ compilers
Very comprehensive Help file (naturally!).
Inexpensive - As low as $39 US.

Availability HELLLP! may be downloaded from these links:

Version 3.2 (For Word 97/Office 97, Office 2000/Word 2000, Office XP/Word 2002)is available from on-line services and web sites including these:

Directly usable installer (1MB). To receive a file which does not need to be unzipped click here and save to disk the file hlpinst.exe then double click on it in Windows Explorer to perform the install.

Zipped archive copies (1MB) requiring an unzipping tool:

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Other Help Resources

HCWSETUP Version 4.03. The original version of HCW.EXE, the 32 bit Windows help compiler cannot handle the files produced by Office 97 / Word 8 and later. The corrected version may be downloaded directly from Microsoft by clicking on this heading. If you are unable to reach that source, you may also download from http://www.appletmaster.de/zip/hcw403.exe. The file you download is an installer which you must run (double-click on it in Windows Explorer) after downloading in order to set up the compiler.

The SHED segmented Hyper-Graphics Editor. Many development tools include a copy of this, but frequently it is not the latest version. If you have a legal copy of any version you may download the upgrade from Microsoft's WWW site.

HelpMaster. A good "next place to stop" for anything related to Windows Help.

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