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Free yourself from re-keying legacy data. Use ParseRat™ v2.0 to extract, import and re-map data from just about anything or to convert measurements:

Fixed format lines up to 32767 bytes line length.

Delimited Files - pretty much any delimiter and up to 500 fields.

dBase files (up to 500 fields).

Binary files: Many binary files consist of a header followed by a series of fixed-format records. ParseRat allows you to skip the header (if any) and export fields from the following records - with translation of binary numbers if needed. Ability to process "Packed Decimal" - COBOL Comp-3 type and "Big Endian" - Motorola pattern as well as "Little Endian" - Intel pattern binary numbers.

EBCDIC: ParseRat can read EBCDIC files, typically used in mainframes and frequently forming legacy data to be imported to new systems. ParseRat can correctly handle packed, zoned and can translate binary numbers garbled as a result of character-by-character conversion of EBCDIC files by file transfer tools such as IND$FILE and Kermit. Provides a valuable junction between your legacy data and your new applications.

Page Image Files (and other multi-record blocks), single or multiple records per page, with or without headers and footers, fixed format blocks or tag/flag-defined fields. Automatic detection of tags in files of XML format.

HTML files and captured/saved web pages: ParseRat's ability to define single or multi-line blocks based on tags and to extract fields within them also based on tags makes it ideal to import data from structured web pages and HTML files (e.g. convert your NetScape bookmark or address file to a database or mailmerge file). Special routines are included to make data import quick and easy from HTML tables on web sites.

XML: Automatic detection of tags in files of XML format.

Take files posted as a result of users completing HTML forms on web pages and convert them into databases.

As an alternative to input from files (of any length), data may be parsed from the system clipboard (very useful for extracting data from emails and web pages).

Your proprietary library package doesn't provide a utility to export your collection data to dBase? No problem, just have it print catalogue cards to a print file. ParseRat will read the print file and extract the data for you.

Convert the data elements to a different format:

Change date and time formats. Read foreign language dates. Extract integer Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Second. Generate Day of Week. Create four digit years from two digit years with intelligent century choice for Year 2000 (Y2K) conversions. Translate to and from Julian Day Numbers (days since 4713 B.C.) with or without fractional days. Translate "seconds since 1970" date/times.

Recognise decimal, hexadecimal and scientific format numbers in input fields.

Unit Conversion? The information you are importing contains data in square meters, but your database requires it in square feet? No problem, ParseRat has over 2,300 conversions built in for distance, area, volume, weight, energy, temperature and time. If it doesn't have the unit conversion you need, you can provide your own conversion rules. (2.0b) Click here for more detail.

Export numeric data as decimal, hexadecimal and scientific formats. With or without leading zero file for fixed length fields.

Split and combine input fields.

Reassemble and re-parse improperly parsed groups of input fields produced by other products.

Analyse name information. Parse out names into title, first name, middle names, last name, name suffix components. Get usable mailing names from those telephone list CD-ROMs by cutting out noise phrases like "Teen Phone", "Fax Line", "Residence" etc. Correctly recognise multi-word surnames like "Van der Pohl" and "de la Salle". Optionally strip accents for use with software which cannot handle accented characters.

Name Parsing? The CD-ROM you bought has names like "de la Mere Michael S Arnold Jr Dr Psychtrst Residence" in it. You can hardly use it as a mailing list in that format. No problem, ParseRat will remap it to "Dr Michael S Arnold de la Mere Jr" (and if you want, it will even leave off the "Jr" or export the name in fields as "Dr","Michael","S Arnold","de la Mere","Jr") at a fraction of the cost of other data mapping products.

Genderize names, creating default male, female or couple titles from first names. Create appropriate salutations. 10,000 first names are pre-programmed and you can import 10,000 more.

Analyse street address information. Parse out into suite designator, suite number, street number, street name, street designator, street direction, odd/even and put non-civic address elements into a separate field. Produce a "standardised" address if required.

Analyse City address line, parsing out into City, State/Province, Postal/Zip and substituting approved abbreviations. Recognise US, Canadian, British and most European postal code formats.

Change the case of fields on output, UPPER CASE, lower case, Proper Case (correctly handling capitalisation exceptions like McDonald or WordPerfect).

Generate Soundex codes. Soundex codes permit you to match "sound-alike" words, which is handy for de-duplication of lists. For example Beaulieu and Bewley share the soundex code B400.

Optionally strip accents, changing matinée to matinee, for example. Some software "breaks" when presented with accented characters. This can cause a problem when importing accented name and address data from legacy files into some mailing programs unless you remove the accents to "unaccent" it by removing each accent by substituting the unaccented character.

Calculate arithmetic expressions involving the the input fields (e.g. totals and percentages).(2.0b)

Perform additional transformations using "plugin" programs which you write in almost any computer language.

Eliminate duplicate records (and non-identical records containing effectively duplicate data) based on individual field analysis.

Write out to new format and structure

Delimited lines.

With or without field name headers (e.g. for Microsoft Word mail merge).

Fixed format lines.

dBase table.

XML File.

WordPerfect merge file.

System clipboard for pasting into other matrices (e.g. Microsoft Excel) or databases.

Insert "header" and "trailer" blocks in output files. This gives the ability, for example, to generate web pages of list-type data directly from a database. e.g. http://www.guysoftware.com/asplinks.htm

Command Line Interface permits calls from shortcuts, batchfiles or other programs needing sophisticated input parsing.

Interleaved Output. You may wish to use your output file as input to a mailmerge program which prints several mailing pieces on a single sheet of paper. Interleaving records permits you to maintain the same sequence as your input records after cutting up the output stack.

Standalone product. ParseRat is a standalone executable of less than 2 megabytes. It does not rely on the presence of the database engines of other products (its competition often does).

Click here to see some screen shots showing how you might use ParseRat in your data migration tasks.

Availability of free evaluation copy:

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ParseRat's fully functional 30 day trial version may be downloaded from many places including directly from Guy Software:

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While the directly usable installer is very convenient, it is an EXE file and some systems block these or warn against their use. However you are downloading the file directly from the Guy Software site and therefore no other party has had the opportunity to tamper with it.

Click here to download parserat.zip (approx 1 megabyte), a zipped archive copy requiring an unzipping tool (see below).

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